In the detail

On this windy and hot day I present you this lovely Zara top.

There is so much perfection coming from this top, from the detail in the sleeves to the wonderful embroidery that’s tiny and precise. In addition to everything nice about this top, I absolutely love that’s it’s completely versatile. Today I paired it with black shorts I purchased at Target, but I’m also thinking you’ll see it on here in different ways. Stay tune.

I also love these sandals I purchased from Shoe Dazzle awhile ago. They are the perfect blend of cool and summer. As always.



The Z

Since my discovery of Zara, I’ve automatically had a major girl crush on everything that has to do with the brand. Since my trip to San Francisco, where I was able to actually shop onsite, I’ve picked up a lot of pieces I’m excited to share. Soon.

There are less than 20 days, and counting, until summer vacation. This will help my blog out majorly. I’m excited. It’s gonna be bittersweet. However, the upcoming break is much needed.

Anyway back to Zara, once I get the chance, I promise to post all the items I purchased then and now. They are building up. Until then, here are some pictures taken from my trip down the store front. I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve been strolling through all the stores I don’t have in Dodge. It’s nice to be able to walk through, touch the clothes, try them on, decide, and walk out with them. Online shopping is nice, but nothing beats a nice walk in.

Students and teachers, power through, we’ve got this! As always.


Through the garden

It really stinks that I’m not able to post as often as I’d like. But right now, I’m where I need to be. I’ve learned to accept the fact that it’s a busy time of the year. Today I caught myself wishing, hoping, even praying, for summer to come fast. In reality, what I should be doing is thinking how blessed I am “right” now. Then, I realized that counting my blessings is the best way to stop time and enjoy the moment.

  1. The boyfriend and I haven’t been spending a lot of time together, but we’re still so in love.
  2. We haven’t been able to practice or play due to a heavy rainfall, but today, the middle school team I coach, won our fist game of the season. Yay!
  3. Work is full of things to do, but I’ve got a job.
  4. I haven’t been able to run or exercise, but I’m healthy.
  5. I haven’t been able to travel or sit still, but I still have San Francisco to ponder over.

Which brings me to this outfit. I wore it during a rendezvous to a very unique and beautiful garden. I’ll share with you all that location in a different post, but for now I just want to focus on this top.

It’s the return of Zara and I’m not complaining. My friend took me to Zara and it was amazing. There was so much to choose from, so much to see, and so much fitting room fun; I never wanted to leave. What I did leave with instead was this top among other items I hope to share very soon.

Now this top is very fem and soft. I enjoy how unique the sleeves are. It’s simple yet complex. I decided to pair it with green jeans and dark boots to add edge. Since apparently I think I’m edgy (if I even know what that means).

FYI, I did something to my hair too. It’s obvious. I’ll post about that too, if and when I have time. Hope it’s sooner rather than later. As always.


See through


This is my last post from my past Zara purchase. This top. Let’s marvel at it. It’s so pretty, delicate, and chic. Aside from wearing black and purple, green is my favorite color to sport. I was thrilled when I came about this top because that splash of color. The design of the top is impressive and unique. It screams old Spanish. Because the top was so delicate I decided to give it a street vibe by pairing it with jeans and black stilettos.

Again, I’ll be wearing it on the regular, especially towards the summer weather.

I can’t believe that in 3 weeks, the start of the last quarter of school will begin, and summer is right around the corner. Yikes.

For now, I’m going to enjoy these unexpected warmer days.


Dot it


I’ve got Spring fever bad guys. Today I entered a coma I couldn’t quiet get out of. The sun felt nice on my face and the warm weather gave me lacking energy.

I feel like today’s post just makes it that much evident how much I want to ditch the sweaters and layers. With that in mind, I took major advantage of Mother Nature being nice and I wore long, pancho-like trousers and another Zara find!

I enjoy wearing these trousers so much because they are fitting and comfortable. I manage to wear them to school a lot, but sometimes they are my go-to weekend pants.

The top is gorgeous to me because of the dotted detail and the arm cutout. For sure, this top will be my pick for the Spring, and you must believe it will be on repeat on here majorly.




I have specifically been gushing over Zara! I can’t believe I knew what life was before this store. I know that’s really dramatic, but seriously, why didn’t I know about Zara ever… yet… before!

Since my recent discovery, I’ve purchased four items, one you’ve already seen (click here if you haven’t). Today, I’m showing off another great find, this dress.

I love the detail so much in the ruffle area. Another thing I love about this dress is that I can wear it out and also at school. Like I’ve mentioned multiple times, those are the items I die for. I paired this dress with my edgy-red booties to give the look some flare. And yay I bared some legs again ,which only means that warmer days are ahead of.

I’m excited to share with you all my other Zara finds. I’ll hopefully get to post them sometime this week. For now, I’m off to prep for Valentine’s Day with Micah. As always.


Heart on that sleeve


I’m posting a little later today because it’s so gorgeous out. We basically hit the 70s. It was so usually scary.

It was the perfect opportunity to show off one of my recent purchases from Zara! I had heard of Zara in the past, but hadn’t gotten the chance to purchase anything. However, I’m in the process of sort of revamping my closet so I felt like the time was right to peek. The online store is to die for. I purchased four articles of clothing and a pair of shoes. But, if I could, I could have easily cleared the bank. I will later.

Right now, let’s marvel at this top! OOhhh Aaahh. It feels so great and it look even better. I absolutely love the detail in the sleeve with the ruffle. It’s so pre-spring. With this top, I paired with liked colors. I plan on wearing this top more often then not, so beware, it will make a repeat. As always.